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    • By gbettega
      the Express VI "Sensor mapping" puts a 3D text object into the scene:
      the text position follows the mouse position, like a pointer.
      The text is never hidden by the solid, irrespective of the its orientation
      (see attached picture).
      This is not trivial: using the "pick point" method I tried to do the same thing in one of my Vis:
      a (actually) slighlty shifted text is inserted into the scene: when the mouse moves
      the text changes its position. However, and this is expected, when the orientation
      of the solid is changed the text is hidden: see the other figure.
      How to obtain the "sensor mapping" effect (without using transparency)?
      Thanks in advance

    • By gbettega
      I've loaded a 3D geometry into a 3D picture control.
      I would like to calculate the dimension of the bounding box of the model,
      in order to set up properly the camera position and other for my own 3D controller.
      Any idea about that?
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