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TestStand Sequence Editor load LVClass to slow

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Hello,Everyone, I'm a LabVIEW developer from China,Wuhan. In the recent, I start to use TestStand in my project. However, I have meet some problems which need help. The problems are descriped below:

1: I write a log class (help to record log info in my program) based on actor framework to archive multi-thread log printing; The Log source code structure is in the attatched figure;

2: I want to use the Log class API(write log/clear log/Open/Close) in TestStand;

3:  I use the TestStand code module and select the "Class member call". However, when I selected the log class, the sequence editor become very slow, the CPU is 25%;

4: After about 1 min, the write log API finally loaded to TestStand , but if I switch to this action from other action, the Teststand will slow again;

I think the reason is the Log class is involved with to to many classes(Since Actor Framework is make up with many classes). But I think this problems may be caused by a setting that I don't know in TestStand. So, if you know anything which can help me solve this problem, please tell me, Thanks!



TestStand CodeModule.png


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