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I took an entrance examination for CLA, but was unacceptable.
A mark of the architecture in particular was low, but was the following evaluations. Please point it out if possible where I should fix.

** The attached file is vi which I made at the time of exercise.

Architecture Development: 13/40
Architecture Development: Shutdown module not adequately developed. Brew function modules not designed.
Controller Module Architecture not adequately developed. The sensor module architecture is not fully
developed. Display module architecture not adequately developed. The User Console architecture is not fully
developed. Module communication method not designed / or documented. Error handling module not
sufficiently developed. File IO module to handle configuration data is not fully developed. Timing module not
fully developed. The architecture does not utilize advanced designs, tools and methods. Use interface design
is not scalable or does not meet specification. Method for calling / loading modules is not clearly identified.

Attachment removed because NI explicitly states you are not allowed to take anything with you after the exam or discuss the contents of the exam except when discussing example exams posted by NI publicly.  This violates the NDA you have with NI when taking the exam.

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