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My Vi return me error 01 when I press "Get A-Scan". How can I correct it ?

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Hello I am implementing a Time of Flight analysis for ultrasonic waves.

My Vi return me error 01 when I press "Get A-Scan". How can I correct it ?

The scénario ist quite simple: 

- I should simulate an ultrasonic wave(ref. Pictures) so that 

-the user could call/display the differents Ultrasonic Scan(A-scan, B-Scan, C-Scan, etc)

-The User should be able to estimate the time of flight.

Time of flight definition:  (TOF) describes a variety of methods that measure the time that it takes for an object, particle or acoustic, electromagnetic or other waves to travel a distance through a medium. Short, the estimated time between the input impulse and the reflected impulse.

I got inspired by the LabVIEW Ultrasonic Starter-kit.

PS: don't hesitate to make me any remarques. We learn by making mistakes. 


My question.7z

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In your middle loop, the queue reference is not passed outside the case structure, so at the next iteration, the shift register returns a null reference which the Dequeue function doesn't know  what to do with, returns an error.


There's no point to use a shift register for references, unless you need to generate a new reference or something, just delete the shift register and use a simple tunel, or wire the reference all the way.

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