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  1. Hi, thank you for your answer. @MarkCG do you suggest me to use the matlab code in Labview ? I have read about it and it seem to be use for echo cancelation. @Jordan Kuehn I have a similar question. The context is: I will like to estimate the time of apparition of and ultrasonic echo. I have used elements of your snippet. The "get a wave form subset" give a subset in a different timetable independent of the timetable of the main waveform, I could use it if it maintain the timetable of the main waveform. the "seach waveform" search a given value and return the i
  2. Hello I have simulated and ultrasonic wave and want to estimate the echo apparition by getting the pics and valleys and giving the time of apparition of a meaningfull pic of my echo. which itself represent the time of flight. knowing the time associated to my pics is my question. Thank you very much for any Help! Regards IHAD Ultraschall.vi pic detection and pic-time relation.vi
  3. Hello I am implementing a Time of Flight analysis for ultrasonic waves. My Vi return me error 01 when I press "Get A-Scan". How can I correct it ? The scénario ist quite simple: - I should simulate an ultrasonic wave(ref. Pictures) so that -the user could call/display the differents Ultrasonic Scan(A-scan, B-Scan, C-Scan, etc) -The User should be able to estimate the time of flight. Time of flight definition: (TOF) describes a variety of methods that measure the time that it takes for an object, particle or acoustic, electromagnetic or other waves to travel a d
  4. Welcooooooooooooooooooooooome let check this. Thank you
  5. Hello I recently started learning Labview and I just got my CLAD. My special thanks goes to Hooovahh and all the community Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
  6. Hello How can I put a picture in the background of a Path control, so that a the run time the user could have a meaningful suggestion of the use of the control ? Thank you PathBackground.vi httpwww.iconarchive.comshowradium-neue-icons-by-gakuseiseanSettings-File-icon.html.ico
  7. I understand hoovahh . And thank you for the link. Ok Jordan I get You
  8. Ah Ok, I see Yes I am. This is great. Thank You hooovahh
  9. Hello dears ! I would like to award a symbol to each dropped items in a listbox. how could I arrange that each dropped items get a own symbol. Thank you. Thank you Automatic symbol for items.vi
  10. No I don't have lots of experiences with Forums. Thank you Hooovahh. I don't know why asking questions should be mocked mister Jordan Kuehn and thank you for your attitude. I thank anybody who support all of us willing to learn more about this passionating language. I am hier to enjoy it, nothing else.
  11. Thank you very much Hoovah Where is the place on the Home page where to explicitely make a thread ?
  12. Hello please, how can I count the éléments of a listbox ?
  13. Hallo dears :D I wish you a merry christmas and a Happy new years. With magic prolabview ;)

  14. Hello ThomasGutzler, ah thank you I see here is the idea of my UI design pictured. I would like to implement a user interface where the user can drag and drop files from window explorer and process it. But I don't really know how to start. I know the basics. I have try to use list box but what I want is a sort of MOVIE MAKER for files. Let say FILE MAKER ha ha would you please guide me ? thanks in advance. A Menu-space: with differents icons for differents uses like save etc A Workspace: Where the file will be drop(a single log/ini file) A function space: Where the
  15. Oh thank you hooovahh I didn't see where to directly ask questions. I have try to do it with dynamical download of Vis or using listbox. Modulen Einstellungen.vi I see your point ThomasGutzler. but it exist the possibility to drag and drop files from Windows to Labview. My goal actually is to: - drag a file from window drop it in labview and display it content - select and drag and item from the display, that I would drop in another display(listbox, tree, anykind) so that it can call its fonctions in another display. And then use a text file to somyrise all de procedure. I hope you u
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