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Jim Kring

Change Visible Frame of Case Structure without undo transaction

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I'm looking for a way to change a visible state of a Case Structure, and (A) not have this show up in the Undo Transaction history and also (B) not wipe out the undo history. Right now, if I don't create an undo transaction (and simply call the scripting function) for the visible frame change, then it wipes out the entire undo transaction history :-(

Since a user can click on a Case Structure in the IDE to change the visible frames of a Case Structure and it doesn't show up as an Undo-able action, I would assume that I should be able to call the corresponding scripting function to change the visible frame of the Case Structure and have it not wipe out the undo history.

Note: From reading this post by Darren it seems that many/some of the scripting functions will wipe out the undo history if they are not wrapped in an undo transaction. I'm not sure why setting the VisibleFrame property would do this since it's not actually change the code.

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