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  1. Hey @MikaelH. I can't seem to be able to create this on my system. Can you post a VI or a snippet of the above code? Thanks and wishing you well.
  2. You can find out more and sign up here: https://forums.jki.net/topic/3082-vipm-2020-beta-sign-up-is-now-open/ here’s a teaser (below). Lots more exciting stuff to come...
  3. VIPM 2020 Beta is now available - sign up here: https://forums.jki.net/topic/3082-vipm-2020-beta-sign-up-is-now-open/
  4. [Update: NI Bug 974336] There seems to be a bug in the coercion of data to variant when a cluster contains a single element that is a variant. (original post here). Note: This bug appears to be very old, going as far back as LV2012. This has been reported to NI in the LV2020 Beta forum. I don't have a Bug ID / CAR yet. Coerce to Variant Fail (LV2019).vi Note that adding another element to the outer cluster causes the problem to go away.
  5. We've been able to reproduce and fix this issue (ID 18605). It'll be fixed in VIPM 2020. You can follow this thread on JKI's forums.
  6. I'll try not to repeat myself too much here, since I've already posted a response here. I do welcome participation in making OpenG better and the current repositories are open to issues/pull-requests/etc. I'm not in favor of a new GitHub repository at this moment, since there are several things I've had on the roadmap, including fixing the website issues.
  7. I'm still confused by all this, Michael. You created a fork of OpenG on GCentral without their permission and so they asked you to remove it? And, now, you've created a new "dedicated OpenG organization" on GitHub? It seems like this is just moving/stiring lots of things around and nobody who has a vested interest in the ramifications of those actions, is being consulted about it, first. If the aim is to promote better code and collaboration in OpenG, then what would help is to contribute/propose some ideas, especially around processes and structure for contribution. A haphazard approach won't work well for building community -- simply creating new GitHub pages/repos and starting forum discussions about forking OpenG will only create confusion. That all said, I'm happy to have your participation and enthusiasm in making OpenG better. There are several efforts on the roadmap for OpenG, and we can certainly use some helpful participation.
  8. Hi All. The OpenG wiki had several technical problems, so we dropped it -- I agree that we need a new landing page for OpenG with information and docs (and we can redirect old links). I've been working with others over the past several years maintaining the OpenG packages on GitHub (e.g. OpenG-Variant-Configuration-File-Library), providing bug-fixes and upgrading the OpenG libraries to NXG (despite the fact nobody was really using NXG for real work -- that'll be changing the the next couple years). I'm aware that people are becoming very interested in collaborating more on OpenG, especially with the enthusiasm around the upcoming LabVIEW Community Edition release (I am super excited about LV Community Edition, too). I'm really happy to see this renewed interest in LabVIEW and OpenG, since I've been doing a lot of the maintenance work, myself, and would love more participation in both development/testing and documentation/examples. LAVA isn't generally the best way to reach me, but I'm available at jim.kring@jki.net or @jimkring.
  9. Michael, can you clarify this? Most of the key OpenG libraries have been migrated to GitHub over the last couple of years (e.g. OpenG-Variant-Configuration-File-Library), and there has already been a lot of work done to migrate OpenG to NXG. Is the intent to fork the OpenG libraries? Thanks, -Jim
  10. Thanks, Benjamin! Any chance you could post your example VI? I can't seem to place the snippet PNG.
  11. Has anyone noticed that if a window (A) has no titlebar AND (B) is resizable, then it will have a white stripe at the top of it? (see screenshot below, and note that the big titlebar is not actually a titlebar, but a styled button, and the actual titlebar is hidden) Has anyone figured out how to get rid of this white strip (perhaps with Windows API calls)? I know I can get it to go away if I make the window NOT resizable, but I don't want that -- I need to be able to resize. I've done a little googling and the only thing I can really find how to set up WPF properties for the windows, and I can't seem to find any magic user32.dll calls or anything like that. Here's an example: white strip at top of window.vi Thanks for any help or ideas.
  12. OpenG isn't dead. There just hasn't been a lot of work on it lately (though we have been working to keep them working in NXG). I've been in the process of moving the libraries over to GitHub, as needed. LAVA posts aren't the best way to get in touch ;-)
  13. Does anyone know how to open the "Edit Events" dialog programmatically, passing in either a frame reference or using the currently visible Event Structure frame? Perhaps @Aristos Queue, @Darren, or @Christina Rogers knows?
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