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Daq card pulls data into labview as array, how do I convert it to allow me to use it?

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Hi, I'm pretty new to labview, I used it once a few years ago but that was it. I have an Iotech daqboard 1000. I have two signals that I am imputing. I am able to input them and graph the signals, but that is about all I am able to do with them. The data acquired is saved as an array, so when I try to attach other blocks to that input cable it crosses out that cable. From what I've read I need to convert the array into a waveform. I've tried doing that, but I still had the same issue. Also, will the waveform allow me to calculate the phase between the two signals, and the duty cycle of each one? 

Any help would be appreciated.


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In order to better answer the question, having some knowledge of exactly which VI (blocks) you wish to put your data into would be helpful.

However to emulate what I believe you're trying to accomplish see below.Capture.PNGthink you're looking for 

Now as far as measurements that you specifically need, you should start to explore the measurements built into LabVIEW. This image is just the top of the iceberg.


Good luck and welcome back to the LabVIEW world.

Thanks for coming to the community to find your way

Norm Kirchner

~,~ The Captain was here

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