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AMQP with Apache Qpid

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I just discovered that my latest needs-to-be-done-yesterday project requires communications via an Apache Qpid broker (v0.4 and AMQP 0-10).  Since I didn't even know what AMQP was before yesterday, I'm a bit behind the curve on this.

I have downloaded LabbitMQ, but I'm assuming that won't work with Apache Qpid?  I was hoping that the whole open standard thing meant that different implementations of AMQP should be able to talk with each other, but the following link regarding interoperability between the two seems to say that this often isn't the case.

There is a Native AMQP client for LabVIEW  on GitHub, but it is missing all the vis (at least from what I can tell), so isn't much help.  I posted an "Issue" to the Repository, but don't know when/if I'll ever get a response.

Any thoughts/comments/suggestions? 


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Crud.  I replied to this, but it never showed up in the feed. Huh.

Anyway, yes, I'm turning this over to one of our C folks to deal with.  I'm not sure if I can get the .NET version past our Information Assurance zealots, but a regular old dll I can call with a CIN will be fine.

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