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Pre-build Action not running in project namespace?

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In my build specification I have a defined Pre-Build action. In this Pre-Build action I want to generate a list of callers for a specific .vi. I do this by having a static vi-reference to the vi and getting the property "Callers' Names". When I run the Pre-build action vi it does generate the list correctly. But when I let the Pre-Build action vi be called at the start of a build, the list comes up empty. My guess is that this is because when running the Pre-Build action from the build, it does not truly exist within the project, and so there are no callers of the .vi in the namespace the Pre-Build action currently exists in. Does anyone have a cleaver way around this? Can I force the Pre-Build action to be executed "within my project" somehow?

The background is that I want to generate a list of a specific set of dynamically loaded classes to be able to activate/deactivate. The only thing connecting these classes to each other is that they all use the same .vi in their create method and therefore the only way I can think of to generate this list is to find callers. In the Labview environment, all of these classes are loaded and I can therefore get the list directly by "find callers". Since the classes are dynamically loaded however I can not do this at run-time in my .exe before loading them. I therefore want to generate the list.

My current workaround is that I generate this list by running a vi manually before I start my build. This is not very elegant as it can easily be forgotten by me or any of my coworkers.



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