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John Long Silver

Need help building .exe and installer that contains web service

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My name is John and i study Electrical/Computer engineering.

I am working on a project that consists of a user interface VI that communicates with a web page. ( locally ).

Look at the attached image for my project structure.

My issue is this : The project runs correctly ( i start the web service(this is on debug server port 8001): startup VI that is basically the User Interface pops-up. I right click on the "index.html" to get the URL and open it with a browser. any changes i make with my UI are visible on the browser. So , all cool so far)

When i try to build either a standalone application ( .exe ) or an installer it just doesn't work. I open the index.html with browser(on port 8080, also tried 8002(see attached image))  ( general style with css is visible, so it means that index.html opened) but nothing is updated. ( i send images/audio)


This is the first time i need to build a standalone application so i guess i didn't build it correctly.

Also as for the installer , if i understand correctly i need to first build an exe(that has the web service included) , and then include it in the installer  ?


I attach some more images where i show the build specification options.

Could you please walk me through ?  What source files do i need to include etc.


Thank you in advance.










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So i feel so stupid now   :   Here is my fault :  As you can see i was using the main.vi as a startup of my web service in the labview project. But when you build the .exe you are asked to specify a startup. So basically i was using the same startup in 2 instances which was creating conflicts.

SO i n my labview project i moved the main.vi from the startup folder. And in my build specification i selected this vi as my startup. SO now everything is working correctly.

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