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Pattern matching is not working

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My intention is to compare the template image with the run time image .  I used normal pattern matching technique but i m not getting the proper output . The output is keeps on varying , sometimes i used to get "0"as number of matches and "1 " as number of matches found even with the proper template and  same  run time  image as well as it is getting same output with the wrong template as well . I even changed the Match score but there is no response . can any one suggest me way to resolve the issue. I have attached the vi. The template and real image i cannot able to upload because of the error

smart Crind POC.vi

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Ok. Hard to run without your template images. If you can provide some images (maybe PM me privately) I can help with that. I would need both the template and raw images (which I can see you are recording each run.)

For now, everything looks okay but it looks like you are running with a image match score of 985/1000. This is typically very high and with camera noise you may well get fails with that high of a setting. Not sure about the output with the wrong template though. I would need to see an example of that.



Couple of other notes (my personal preferences, does not relate to your main problem)

1. I recommend linking the error cluster between all the VIs. This is very useful for trying to figure out where things go wrong. The Vision VIs are usually pretty good at flagging useful errors this way.

2. There is a color plane extraction VI in the Vision Utilities>Color Utilities pallette so you don't need the one generated from Vision Assistant. 


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Try this. Seems to work for me now.


1. You will need to enable the camera capture code.

2. I added terms to define the types of image you were loading (RGB). This mitigated an error in the extract HSV value plane VI. (Note: I was able to find this because I wired the error cluster all the way through - good habit to get into.)

3. You didn't have the Parameter constant wired in each of your match template cases. I added that in although it should be working fine off the default value (800/1000).



smart Crind POC_caleyjag.vi

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