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Run,Pause,Continue and Stop function

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Hello Lava Community!

I have a VI which act like a syringe pump. I am trying to edit the program so that when I pause the program and when i hit continue, the program will continue at the point where it paused. However, when i hit the pause button, the pump resets back to the original volume. My stop button is not working as well. Any advice is appreciated, thanks! 

Attached is my VI. Thank you!


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My advice is to completely rewrite this VI with a proper state machine. I'd recommend the JKI state machine.

Have a single while loop containing a case structure, where each case of the structure is a state. You should at least have an Init state, an Idle state, and an Exit state.

In the Idle state you want to have your event structure so you can detect that the Pause or Stop buttons were pressed. If no button were pressed then the Timeout event will occur, and this is where you want to handle your pump and do your math...

Good luck

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1 hour ago, Labview Newbie said:

I tried using JKI state machine but it seems that it does not support my current version of Labview. By the way thank you for the reply and ill try to implement your idea! If anyone have any other methods please share them with me! (:

You can use a basic state machine instead of a JKI State Machine: http://www.ni.com/tutorial/7595/en/

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