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How to configure Project.Save For Previous to ignore vis from instr.lib

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I would like to automate downgrading process for few LabVIEW projects from LV17 to LV14. I use Project.Save for Previous method and it works fine for simple projects. It ignores everything that lives in vi.lib (KB).

But if I have a project that refers to toolkits located in instr.lib like instrument drivers, NI-DMM or NI-DCPower, saving for previous exports some of them to my destination folder. Interesting fact: I receive a warning, that NI-DMM and NI-DCPower were not converted (good news), but niModInst (part of NI-DCPower) was! And, of course, third-party instrument drivers (PSU drivers) were also converted. As you know, It greatly changes the destination folder hierarchy and alters references to these VIs in my project. I don't want to save these external files and toolkits for previous version, because I already have them in a different LV version installed. They are toolkits indeed and not project specific files.

Have you ever tried to setup Save for Previous function so it really ignores instr.lib? Or maybe, is there a way to setup third-party toolkits in instr.lib so they act like NI-DMM? Like "I don't support saving for previous, please be kind and install me for a different LV version by yourself"? 

It is a pain, honestly :frusty:

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