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Deploying Updates to Remote Systems

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I am looking at the NI Systemlink for remote deployment of the test programs.  Part of the writeup on the justification for SystemLink (or alternate), is that I need to find some alternates.  But finding the alternates is a struggle (which may assist in my justification, but I want to be sure I am not missing something).

Our company uses a mixture of LV and Visual Studio (C/.Net) test programs, so the solution cant be LV only.   I think this would rule out Studio Bods BLT, since it appears to be restricted to LV.

I am aware that the SystemLink is built on SALT, and that it is open source.  Initial investigation seems like this could work, but would require a lot of man hours to get up and running.  I can see there are alternates to SALT, but all seem to be geared to IT, not MFG.

I have found maintainable.com, which looks similar to SystemLink, I am waiting for a sales person to call me back to discuss the capabilities.

My google foo is evading me on finding other alternatives.  I see tons of Windows management programs for IT departments (deploying windows updates, company policies, etc), but am struggling to find alternatives for the MFG side.


We have a headquarters, where most of the engineering and test software comes out of.  Then it is deployed to 10+ remote locations, with 100's of test fixtures.

Windows based machines (Windows 7, 10, or CE)

All of the test fixtures are not available on the internet, on the local intranet (so need a relay to get outside the plant)



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