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Forums Stay Marked as Unread when Topics Move

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My apologies if this is browser-specific (I am using Microsoft Edge).

I have noticed that topics being moved to another forum make it so their original forum stays marked as unread even after you click on all the topics (including the moved one).  You can use Mark Site Read to clear this state, but it seems like a forum bug.

Example below:
All LabVIEW General topics have been read but a topic was recently moved (in the red box):

Yet LabVIEW General is listed as unread on the main page:


and the Software and Hardware Discussions Page:

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7 hours ago, GregSands said:

Just to add to that, the bolded titles remain even though there were no unread posts showing in "Unread Content".  However I just clicked "Mark site read", and the bold has disappeared.

Same symptoms and workaround for me, on Firefox 63.0.1 (Windows 8.1)

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