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Hello experts,

I would like to ask if there is any way to initialize NI EtherCAT Master with a EtherCAT Network Information (ENI) file. The ENI file can be generated by any EtherCAT Configurator that provides information about EtherCAT Network with number of slaves and Distributed Clocks.

I am trying to use NI EtherCAT Master to communicate with third-party EtherCAT Slaves strand. 

Thanks in advance.


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Hello Smithd,

I am already familiar with this option. Sometimes, one need to assign special PDOs for Input/Output mapping. There are two ways to do so:

1.One way is to statically open the EtherCAT Slave Information (ESI) xml file and move the SM tag to assign custom PDOs mapping like this

2. Is to generate a EtherCAT Network Information file from any EtherCAT configurator while assigning PDOs mapping. 

I am looking solution for option 2.


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