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Criteria for a while loop to advance its index

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I am having a difficult time with while loops

For example

I have a task in a while loop and the condition for the while loop to stop is just a button. 

The while loop will never loop at my stop button because the SUB VI inside of the while loop has not completed. 

So for example, say i want to do something simple like a continuous task inside of my while loop

Like Run a sine wave generator. 


The while loop will never iterate because it is waiting for the sine wave generator sub VI to "complete" or return so to speak

So what signifies a function has returned to iterate the while loop if its a continuous task. 

I need the while loop to iterate because it will not look at my stop condition until it does. When i probe my stop condition all it does is says not executed and i assume its because its waiting for the "continuous task" to complete"




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In one word, QMH. You will have to design your application with an event handler and a queue.

You will also have to think what sort of events to handle and how to stop your acquisition loop.

There are few templates for such design built into LabView. 


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