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Robot Navigation with A*, Advance VHF and Dead reckoning

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Hello community,


I have been working on my Thesis which involves simulating and implementing robot navigation algorithms using DaNI 1.0 robots. Basically, I am generating waypoints for the robot to move from one point to another using A*. Then for each waypoint, I use the Advance VHF to avoid obstacles while heading towards the goal. Also, I applied dead reckoning localization to update the robot's current position.

Currently, nothing is working accordingly, as the robot just spins around when I run the simulation. I urgently need help with this.

P.S. The environment id the A* is different from the simulation environment. All I want is for the robot to navigate correctly to the right goal, then I can change the environments.

The main VI is called CodeTest_Final.

Thank you very much for your help in advance. 


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