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Has anyone used the libsvm module in LabVIEW developed by Oystein Sture?

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Recently I have been researching the LVlibsvm module, in which linear, dense, and spars have their own examples, but I don't understand it in the section on reading data. I hope someone can answer it.As shown below:The first picture is the "linear-train-example" example in linear. The second picture shows the "heart-scale" data used in the example. It should be a sparse format (here, the data is sparse,Why not use the sparse module). The third one is the "svm-problem" data read by the program after executing the VI. I really don't understand this data. Why are "index" and "value" all ‘-1’ and ‘0’.I tried to use SVMDense-Train-Fromfile.vi to read the data ,but the result is seems to be wrong too, the  "index" and "value" are also all ‘-1’ and ‘0’, so I hope someone can answer my question1836694358_112_WPS.png.4f291e9e9f96511fd77a2a76e63ac962.png2.png.d8f7dcf00900e531b285be237871c53a.png3.png.293495aeb08005449f50d7e1ecc83661.png.

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