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Interactive Graphical Matrix

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Hi folks

I'm working in an application than involve some interactive events between some inputs-outputs-inputs. This Matrix will be used to show/modify the value or setting between two points. basically something as the graphical used by NI Switch Executive.

I just starting using common graph and their "Cursors", I will continue in that way to see if I can do what I need.

the basic working for this "MATRIX" will be:

1.- modify scales for X and Y to any number of Inputs/outputs (programmatically)

2.- show the connection between any X and Y 

3.- show the value for and XY connection, and able to modify that value (and generate an "EVENT", so I can do something).


I'm pretty sure many of you saw or know about NI SW Executive, that is the first Idea, interact with matrix in graphical mode (see attached .jpg file).


thank you guys (and Girls).



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