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Problems converting Actor Framework to PPL in mature application

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So I'm trying to convert Actor Framework into a PPL in a project with ~70 Actors. After I created the packed project library and tried to do "right-click --> replace with packed project library" on Actor Framework.lvlib, LabVIEW replaced every instance of Message Enqueuer.lvclass labels with "Actor Framework:Message Enqueuer". So this broke basically every class as unbundle by names for any given nested actor's enqueuer now point to labels that do not exist.

Even worse: for methods of all my old Message classes, the front panel terminals still pointed to the original Actor Framework.lvlib Message.lvclass. I suspect that front panel controls/indicators were not updated to point to the PPL?

Manually fixing this in all 70 Actors' private data and message classes is something I would very much like to avoid. I ended up reverting all the changes.

Does anyone have a guide on how to safely replace Actor Framework with a PPL in a large existing project?

I'm using LabVIEW 2016 SP1.



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