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  1. I ended up just using curl CMD which works on both linux and windows.
  2. I think I have nailed converting every other curl command to LV native. This one has me stumped and it should be real easy. cul --location -H "x-file-format: <FILE>" -H "x-campaign-name: TEST_CAMPAIGN" -H "x-session-name: TEST_SESSION" -H "x-description: DESCRIPTION" -H "x-tags: cc13,test" -H "x-notify-email: user@company.com" --form file=@/data/file.file http://URL Also this would help on a little script that I am hoping to release at some point. Given the number of curl examples on the internet made a parser that will generate a vi from a curl example.
  3. We are doing something similar very soon. Looking forward to seeing what people have come up with.
  4. Our team is responsible for the design, implementation, testing, deployment, and maintenance of LabVIEW based data acquisition and controls systems that support rocket engine test stands, component testing and ground support equipment. You will share in the team’s impact on all aspects of component, vehicle subsystem, and engine testing. This position will directly impact the history of space exploration and will require your dedicated commitment and detailed attention towards safe and repeatable spaceflight. Do you love OOP, actor-framwork and real-time systems? If so this is your team.
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