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Chris Cilino

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I've been looking at the GCentral site and visited the Package Index page. While I find it a good initiative I see here the same problem that makes me loath browsing the NI site for products. I'm interested in the list of packages mostly yet half of the screen is used up by the GCentral logo and lots and lots of whitespace. I may be a dynosaur in terms of modern computer technology and not understand the finesse of modern web user interface design, but a site like that simply does not make me want to use it!

Maybe this design will be beneficial to me in 10 years from now when my eyesight has detoriated so much that I won't see small print anymore but wait, the text in the actual list is still pretty small, so that won't help at all. 

It's also not because of the much acclaimed fluent design. The size of the actual screen stays statically the same no matter how I resize the browser window. This kind of web interfaces makes me wonder where we are all heading to. Design above functionality seems to be the driving force everywhere.

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Hi Rolf

That's good feedback. The current UI \ UX is just a proof of concept. Once we start designing the actual UI \ UX we hope it'll be efficient to use and pleasant to look at. One other note: the indexer is open source. Please feel free to suggest adjustments by joining the dev team on GCentral's git repo. Keep in mind GCentral.org is in its infancy so we're choosing to sacrifice aesthetics for functionality to avoid bikeshedding.

Glad to hear you think GCentral is a good initiative and thanks for your thoughts!

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