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Copy/Pasting cells from a LabVIEW table

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Is there any way to copy data contained in a LabVIEW table and paste it as <tab> delimited into a plain text file or Excel spreadsheet? Whenever I try and paste data copied from a LabVIEW table into an external program (like Notepad/Excel), the data is converted to a bitmap image. This is true of data contained in plots as well as tables. This is also completely useless since the data cannot be manipulated in Excel (or OpenOffice) this way. I know the data could be saved from within LabVIEW to a tab delimited text file but this isn't what our customer wants "because its an extra step that complicates things". Any ideas?



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Could you explain what exactly you do? I do not have that problem, I can copy/paste ASCII information, not bitmaps



Sure. Thanks for helping me with this Franz. I'm using LabVIEW 7.1.1. I have a table indicator that contains a bunch of numerical values. I hold the left mouse button down on the table, and then drag the mouse to select some cells. When I right click my selection, one of the options that appears in the popup window is "Copy Data". I click this. Then I open Wordpad, and click the Edit menu, then Paste.

A PICTURE of the LabVIEW table is pasted into the Wordpad document, NOT the text contained in the Labview table. Also, this picture is BUGGED because the cells have shifted around and the column labels no longer match. See screenshots here (open them in something that doesn't AUTOZOOM the image):



This is definitely a bug National Instruments needs to fix.


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Any ideas?


There are several ways, but the one that came to my mind first was:

If you�re on Windows, over in the Example Code section at ni.com, there�s clipboard.llb.

With it you can do something like in the attached jpg.

If you search the Example Code section for �clipboard�, you�ll get several other hits for Vis (some ancient) that take the keystroke simulation approach.


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I just answered in NI's forum to the same posting. Besides pointing to the same clipboard.ddl as swainedonald, I there recommended activex and excel.

The topic http://forums.lavausergroup.org/index.php?...c=1396&hl=excel in the LAVA forum is maybe something that helps, but at least the topic's author will know better than me what to do to communicate with excel

This is another possibly helpful link:


(Searching for 'labview excel' on NI's homepage gives you lots of good hits)


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