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Multi threaded telnet comms

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   I am using the depreciated Internet Toolkit to give me access to the telnet protocol (without having to write my own stack). I would like this to be multi threaded, but the toolkit it's self has not been designed to thread. All of my little comms routines are running as seperate VI's (call and forget), so they are all isolated from each other. I would like to not have to rely on the single threading of the telnet stack, as this massivly slows down what I would like to be concurrent operations. Is there anyway I could burn the telnet stack out as some kind of .exe or .ddl or other and allow each of my seperate processes to use the same code?
Any Ideas?

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Do you really need the whole power of telnet? Because if no commands are involved you can just tcp read/write, which I assume works multithreaded. At least that was the case the last time I had  "telnet" devices to communicate with.

...Have you seen this thread?


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