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  1. VIPM 2017 on Ubuntu 18. Don't know if related to that CAR, but jibberish chinese anyway + very ugly fonts. Edit: quick search, I found this: https://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW/Why-does-my-LabVIEW-occasionally-display-in-Chinese/m-p/1545242#M571786. Now my VIPM 2017 appears to be based on rte2015, and the closest to what suggested in that post is /usr/local/lib/LabVIEW-2015/English/lvapp.rsc - which in my case is present, no *.tmp in that directory instead.
  2. Ok. For most of the points, I'm feeling a bit dumb now that I searched for it..... https://www.upvi.net/main/index.php/products/lvhdf5/lvhdf5-forum/11-standalone-exe-doesn-t-work#18 Write 100 times: Thou shall not use "Use Default If Unwired" for references Thou shall not use "Use Default If Unwired" for references Thou shall not use "Use Default If Unwired" for references ....... https://knowledge.ni.com/KnowledgeArticleDetails?id=kA00Z0000019L75SAE My coding mistake, I thought I was calling HF5Close when I wasn't. And closing the containing pr
  3. The LV error of point 2. above, BTW. on the second HD5write (create) of the chain, the first succeeds, apparently. Error 402760 occurred at Check Object Existence.vi Possible reason(s): An HDF5 Error Occurred Major: H5E_ARGS (Invalid arguments to routine) Minor: H5E_BADTYPE (Inappropriate type) invalid location identifier Complete Call Chain: Check Object Existence.vi OpenCreateReplace Dataset.vi Simple OpenCreateReplace Dataset (Variant).vi Simple H5Dwrite (Variant).vi
  4. A project benefiting from HD5 data saving came up to me, so I'm looking at your package. For now nothing beyond just dumping some heterogeneous datasets into a single file, but I'm already having a few issues. All together your package looks so well invested into, so I think there is point in reporting them, and ask for assistance. I've been trying (offered by VIPM) and (your link). Single dev machine for now. LV20.01 32bit, Up/Downgrading between the two is not completely flawless, sometimes VIPM fails, but nothing that can't be solved with restarting LV a few times and
  5. I don't know about that tool, but doesn't Task Manager help, instead?
  6. or simply implement your serial queries of both kinds via a single non-reentrant VI, so that only one loop at a time uses the serial resource? (more sophisticated, use a VISA lock)
  7. Interactively in the IDE, Programmatically, I'd be sure it can be done with VI server invocations, the only difficulty might be in getting the exact ref to each individual clone - but I sort of remember that there is a way which I've used in the past.
  8. There is no such a thing like a property node of an event structure which tells what event has been fired (at least in a simple way that I could know), but it is completely possible for the code inside an event case to fire other event(s), which cause other cases of the same or of another structure to be called. You can use anything which generate events: value (signaling) of any control, dynamic events, etc. Personally I do such things all the time in simple GUIs. However, an event calling another event already smells of "you need rather a state machine" or "you need to think at architecture"
  9. If the only way of commanding your camera is through the vendor sdk, bleh. As Rolf wrote, though YMMV. If by chance the camera is supported by v4l2, there you go; shameless self ad.
  10. I see. Thanks Rolf. In fact I am so used to see Qt used by vanilla OSS, that I overlooked the issue of licensing. All technical potential showstoppers aside, in any case.
  11. Just spitballing without knowledge, but via anything modern like Qt perhaps?
  12. To start with, you probably want to write your results into an array of strings, not of numbers. And anyway, what should be the purpose of the while loop and of the event structure with infinite timeout?
  13. alien --target=i386 is not it? (I forgot since last time)
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