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'Actor' object in CZMQ or NetMQ - anyone experimented?

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I remember when labview's internal OOP replaced the complicated 3rd party OOP frameworks. Similarly, the 3rd party Actor systems (and NI's own 'Actor Framework' are verbose for the same reason as those early OOP systems - they are written in G and so  a lot of the 'internal works' are exposed and need care and attention. (I have nothing but admiration for these systems of course). There are many different Actor systems now available - in part that must be because people are dissatisfied and are casting around for a 'better' solution. How to design, edit and maintain a hierarchy of state machines with the minimum of effort.

With that quest in mind, has anyone considered the 'Actor' object provided by the messaging libraries CZMQ or NetMQ?

Could these objects be usefully called from Labview to simplify Actor programming in G or are they only useful from within a C or C# programming environment?

I've studied what zeromq has to offer and written a decent labview application that used several of the messaging types - if the zeromq Actor was useful as well that would be a powerful combination. I ask the question because I haven't fathomed so far the rather scanty documentation of the zeromq Actor. I'm not a text-based programmer.

Cheers, Bob - retired EMC engineer now doodling ham radio projects in labview 

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