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  1. Yes, Jeff Kodosky's proposal was still an 'add-on' supported by scripting with whatever limitations that brings. However it's heartening that one of the founders is thinking about the issue - I bet it's not the only idea he's had on the subject either. The event structure radically dropped the complexity level of LabView programs. Added features to event structure for Actor programming might be part of the solution. I guess it all hinges on where NI is going to take LabView, post-NXG. Adding OOP was NI's last 'big deal' for LabView and that was sometime back. I read (via the critics
  2. I remember when labview's internal OOP replaced the complicated 3rd party OOP frameworks. Similarly, the 3rd party Actor systems (and NI's own 'Actor Framework' are verbose for the same reason as those early OOP systems - they are written in G and so a lot of the 'internal works' are exposed and need care and attention. (I have nothing but admiration for these systems of course). There are many different Actor systems now available - in part that must be because people are dissatisfied and are casting around for a 'better' solution. How to design, edit and maintain a hierarchy of state machin
  3. Will the 2020 community edition still be issued in May please? This locked-down ex-engineer would be very grateful if it was.
  4. Basic question: I've written actor templates with config and plugin features. Using those to write soundcard in and out actors. They have helper loops that use 'register' and 'notify' to transmit the waveforms around. A standard labview notifier is set by the messaging loop to shut down the helper loop. How do you shut down your helper loops - is there a 'messenger library' feature you use? When using queues I used to close the queue in the main loop and detect queue errors in the helper loops.
  5. I've got it - storing each clone by name suits a fixed architecture, storing a JSON array suits the case where the number of clones is determined at run time.
  6. Say I've created a number of clones of a reentrant actor and each has a unique setup that needs to be preserved. What's the niftiest way of identifying one clone from another when saving state using JSON? Cheers, Bob
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