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Has anyone used the functions located in vi.lib to programmatically edit Installer build specifications? I have used the functions in AB_API to edit Packed Project Library build specifications (in PPL subfolder) but cannot find anything equivalent for Installers. The classes in this hierarchy inherit from NI_AB_API_Build.lvclass which has a generic open method, but installer is not in the list of selectable build types to open.

I also found IB_Classes subfolder which has functions for interacting with Installers maybe, but there's no clear function to open an Installer build specification to start editing. I have a template project where I need to change three parameters for the Installer when the template is copied/edited: destination.name for one specific destination, INST_bldLocation, and INST_productName.

This is an example of updating a few of the build specification items for a PPL (just need the equivalent for installers):


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Here is an example project to entice you more. Template gets copied, library gets renamed, a few edits to the PPL build, and then I need to edit the installer. I am pretty sure I can use the tags like below - but I know that isn't the best way to do this.


Example Project.zip

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There is a different API for Installer Builder. It is also not officially supported by NI, but there are a couple of examples that ship with the API to help you learn how to use it:

[LabVIEW 20xx]\vi.lib\InstallerBuilder\examples


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