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Remotely launching GOOP objects on a cRIO

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I had developed a centralized HIL system based on NI-GDS (EndevoGOOP400->Simple DVR template), but now the client's new requirements requiring me to make it a distributed system by adding cRIOs. Previously I used to launch all the processes with corresponding IOs on the same system and have made use of dynamic dispatching extensively... in short I have interface classes those in turn load different child objects, but now I want to launch these processes on different cRIOs.

Is it a good idea to launch all the objects on different cRIOs using VI server, and talking to those objects from one cRIO using VI server? The thing is if I had loaded an object and want to call its members, how shall I do it? Do I need to launch the Create.vi remotely and open the reference to the object and keep the object reference locally and use that object reference while calling the members of that object remotely? What does the following statement means?

"4.When you no longer need the VI to run on the Real Time target, close the VI reference, then the LabVIEW application reference.  Note that the dynamically called VI can only run on the real time target while the reference remains open, and that closing the reference will stop the VI on the Real Time target."

which can be found here;


When you make a source distribution of say 20 classes and deploy on a Linux-RT cRIO, and want to launch say 50 objects out of 12 deployed classes, will the remaining 8 deployed classes will be in RAM too?


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