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change Additional Installers path in application builder

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For legacy reasons all our software has to be installed in the main root drive under a new folder. It is easy to set this folder for the build executable but not for the NI Additional Installers (i.e. NI LabVIEW Runtime Engine).

Is there a way to configure the default path for those extra installers from the Application Builder itself or from any LabVIEW configuration ?

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Welcome to LAVA!

You can customize the installer with a spec file. If I remember correctly that also allows you to specify the installation directory.
Here is a KB article for how to create the spec file (scroll down to "customizing installation"): https://knowledge.ni.com/KnowledgeArticleDetails?id=kA00Z0000019Ld6SAE&l=en-US

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Thanks for the reply LogMAN !

I go through the KB but I don't want to silent the installation. I need to set the default National Instruments product proposed as additional installers in Application Builder to a custom path as it is shown in red on the attached picture (i.e. C:/<custom Folder> vs C:/Program Files/National Instruments).

Any help appreciated.


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You don't have to do a silent installation. If you follow the instructions, it will create a .spec file that you can customize (it's just a text file), so that it behaves like the standard installer but with different default values. It will only do a silent installation when you use the "/q" option. Omit that flag to do a regular installation.

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