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Has anyone thought about using LabVIEW with modded Minecraft?


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As we all know, automating industrial systems is a huge use case for LabVIEW. As it happens, building these types of systems in Minecraft (with varying levels of realism) is a popular activity among players of mod packs like Feed The Beast, which add a lot of high-tech craftables to the game. Which makes me wonder: has anyone tried using LabVIEW to control factories in Minecraft? You could probably set something up pretty easily with a mod like ComputerCraft or OpenComputers, which allows for opening network connections. Just write a program in-game to communicate with something in LabVIEW and pass data around.

Maybe someday there will even be a mod designed for this purpose, with craftable in-game versions of real NI hardware—I wonder what the crafting recipe for a PXI chassis would be? :P And the mod could install a virtual network adapter on your PC that would show up to LabVIEW as if it were actually one of those devices. (Maybe even emulating them—isn't the firmware available free through NI Package Manager?)

Come to think of it, now that Community Edition is a thing, I could even see NI assigning a small team to make that mod; it could be a fun way to spread familiarity, and even some degree of experience, with their hardware.

EDIT: Just for fun, I submitted it to NI Idea Exchange. https://forums.ni.com/t5/PXI-and-Instrumentation-Idea/Make-a-Minecraft-mod-that-adds-in-game-versions-of-NI-hardware/idi-p/4084512?profile.language=en

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