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Math Script octave differences.


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I was working on octave with a simple script:

im=[3.5 ;3.5 ;3.5]
ip=[1/3 ;2/3 ;3/3]*2*pi
w=2*pi*15 % 15Hz signal


i=im.*(sin(th+ip));  % generate abc

to generate 3 sinusoids offset by 120 degrees.

However Mathscript seems to choke on (th+ip)

I'm not actually sure what operation is happening or rather octave has some type of extension to the addition operation.

I like the convenience of the above method. but I can't figure out how to do the same thing in mathscript without a for loop. 

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So this apparently is the same with MATLAB:


In the section:

Add Row and Column Vectors

a = 1:2;
b = (1:3)';
a + b

This simple code will not compile in Mathscript :(

its the same story with

Add Vector to Matrix

It's just a seemingly basic incompatibility and it seems it has something to do with how vectors are handled in basic operations.

unless there is some super secret setting to make these compatible ill just have to find a workaround.


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