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Linked controls/indicators

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I don't find any info about it, but in example code (like in the FPGA code "1-Tap 8-Bit Camera with Bayer (FPGA).vi") groups of controls and indicators appear to be linked.  Clicking on one element selects the whole group, clicking and dragging on one element.  It looks a cluster, but with clear differences.  All elements are shown separately in the block diagram.  I don't see a way to set properties of the "group", since I "ask" for properties, then it's about the single element, not about the group.

Maybe it's mainly out of curiosity, but this "in-between-version-of-cluster-separate-elements" looks handy.  But I don't see a way how to make it myself.  Does anyone know how to do this?

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The button with the two arrows in a circle on the toolbar (next to the cleanup button) opens the reorder menu, which includes the options for grouping and ungrouping controls. Note that this is purely visual and there are no properties for the group.

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