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Overwriting Rows DataGridView Question

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I am using DataGridView to display a table to the user. I am needing to constantly overwrite the rows every few seconds to update the data in the table. The issue happens when I am finished with the program and want to dispose of the DataGridView, LabVIEW crashes when I try to dispose of the DataGridView Reference ONLY when the amount of rows becomes large enough to the point the DataGridView container needs a scroll bar.

Here is the setup of my API: 

1. Configure the Amount of Columns and Column Titles.
2. Configure the Table Properties
3. Bind the DataSource
4. Configure the column Header Properties such as autosizing and minimum Column width using DataGridViewColumn (Needs to be done after binding the DataSource otherwise there is an error setting the column properties because I cannot get Item)
5. Write row data (first clears row data if there is existing row data)

All of this works fine up to the point where I am finished displaying data and want to close/dispose of the references. i.e Disposing of the DataGridView reference causes LabView to crash IF the DataGridView Table needed a vertical scroll bar.

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