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How to check if a class is an interface or a concrete?


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I ran into a situation where I need to return the class hierarchy of an object as a concrete object array.  (If you are curious, this is used in the BlueSerialization toolkit)

The following code snippet demonstrates how I accomplished this.
Unfortunately, I just discovered that this algorithm doesn't work if a class also inherits from an interface class.  (My algorithm here assumes that a class can only inherit from 1 other class.)

Naturally, my immediate question is this:

Is there a graceful NI primitive or mechanism for determining if a given object is an interface class or a concrete class?

If yes, then I could just filter out interface classes in my code here and move on with life.



I did find the "Get LabVIEW Class Parent and Member VI information VI.  But, I can't get this VI to work recursively.  On the 2nd loop iteration, this NI primitive returns that results for a base LabVIEW object even though the wire probe shows this as not being a base LabVIEW object.



Get Class Hierarchy.vi

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BlueSerialization is currently LabVIEW 2020.

hmm... okay.  How bulletproof do you think your VI might be?  Would LabVIEW ever be "smart" enough to not load a classes' *.ctl file into memory if it was blank or something like that?  Or perhaps drop it from a build if it were blank?

If you think this is pretty bulletproof, I'll just use this and push a patch to the BlueSerialization library.

I am already cacheing the results, so speed is probably not a huge issue.

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