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gym barbell potentiometer


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I'm developing a project with a potentiometer and Measurement computing hardware (MC-200 usb) all connected to a barbell to give me the speed and position when going up and down.
At the moment I can't create repeats. I should make an xy graph with the peak of position(y) and instead of having the time on (x) I should have the reps done.

I am attaching a link of a video to explain myself better. (Minute 5.20)

is it possible to recreate the same graph in labview?

The file that vi. that I enclose is provided only with the position based on the time.

How do I create reps with peak speed or position?


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You have to divide this problem into smaller parts:

1. Detect start, top and bottom positions of the potentiometerĀ 

2. Calculate distance based on potentiometer position.

4. Calculate speed (distance over time)Ā 

5. Detect repeats.

6. LabVIEW has the XY graph control, it can create a bar display.

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