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Run sequence analyzer in .net

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Cross post from NI wesite, i am completely out of ideas:



I am trying to run sequence analyzer in .net using teststand API. Created simple code based on avaliable libraries.

There is no documentation and official NI support that I contacted some time ago says that they do  not know how this is supposed to work despite fact that this API is public. Contact with support was disappointing to say gently ...


IAnalyzer analyzer = new Analyzer();

var engine = analyzer.Engine;

var seq = engine.NewPropertyObjectFile(PropertyObjectFileTypes.FileType_SequenceFile);
seq.Path = @"C:\Sequence.seq";

var project = analyzer.NewProject();

while (project.AnalysisStatus.IsAnalyzing)


In this code all seems to work but the problem is that analysis is stuck at LastStatusMessage = Preparing for Analysis and never ends.

When I open sequence analyzer tool it finishes in just few seconds.


Anyone has an idea what might be the issue?


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