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  1. Did You guys have any problems with labview CLI when setting up CI? Or it is just me doing something wrong somewhere. So far I ended up with powershell script that based on params triggers builds, runs caraya tests and creates simple zip package with binaries. What I see is that sometimes build fails one time and when retried works fine when no change to code was made, sometimes cli can not connect to laview. Another problem that i encountered is fact that labview build destination is absolute path, not relative and has to be updated in lvproj xml files. I fear that when we spin off dedicated
  2. I had the same issue with svn and externals. One app pointed to branch of another component. It was a mess when managing this in long run. Now when we do transition to git, i try to find alternative solution. So far the most reasonable is pulling component binaries to project that needs them via nuget package or g package manager. From what i see NIPM installs package globally for PC, not per project.
  3. In one project we had setup with CVT ppl in main app, main all loaded plugins by PPLs and those plugins get/set some data in this CVT lib. It worked fine without problems. This CVT was based on simple FGV.
  4. Hello, I ve moved from LV2018 to LV2020 and it seems that position of Clean Up Wire changed from: To: Can this be changed somehow? I end up creating constants now and have to click multiple times
  5. I want to leave svn behind as soon as possible because current repo structure that was tailored many years ago in my organisation. We have one svn server with one svn project and inside that project people created folders for multiple projects... i once found there labview iso image. After 2 years working with that i still have no idea where to find something. 🙂 I guess I could migrate to another svn and do it right this time. I want git because local repo is big benefit for offline work that is more common these days. Another reason would be to keep up with technology progress. All sw c
  6. @JB_1592 what was wrong with Bitbucket? Now I am in migration process from svn to git and still considering options.
  7. Thx @Rolf Kalbermatter, is there any magic trick that will allow me to use absolute path instead of relative when they have common root? Or define list of paths where PPL will try to find dependencies? I can edith this in lvlroj file but after save it is replaced back to relative. If I place lvlibp in lvlib folder it will be resolved using tag? @Mefistotelis those special tags like <vilib> are somehow predefined in LV? Can I create my own custom tags that LV will understand? Or something like probing or assemblyresolve in c#? Problem i am trying to address is that i ve
  8. @Mefistotelis did You by any chance see how paths to dependencies are stored inside exe/packed libraries? Now I have to move entire hierarchy of PPLs to make this work. What is interesting if dependent PPL is stored on another drive it uses absolute path instead of relative...
  9. http://app.demand.ni.com/e/es?s=639&e=17913049&elqTrackId=cd4e1a672bd3414185c4e68e5821a56b&elq=ba1694ec37624efd8452000b1a1acd52&elqaid=128974&elqat=1&elqah=198028565C2A04D58BD500075DF7F3C1A735F699FED740AFD86BBA37B078F6D5
  10. I work 5 years as labview 'developer' and when someone from other technologies asks me how this compiles and really works my answer is i ve no idea. When on the other side open technologies give much deeper ride and control. It might be due to my limited understanding of LV but detailed information is not there on official NI forums. I guess it is up to discussion if You need low level understanding how LV or other technology works. In my case as sw engineer I always want to know how things work, and the longer i work as engineer i realize i ve no idea how 90% of things work
  11. I guess User Interface can be fixed and adjusted later without breaking changes, the same for function groups and shortcuts (or i hope it can be). If they deliver more fundamental things that are pain in CG like problems with relative build paths, unicode, sealed classes, packed libraries linkage, building of multiple layers of libraries without killing labview, out of the box support for source control systems & diff/merge operations... i would for sure try it. edit btw, i ve just found this 'hidden gem': https://github.com/mefistotelis/pylabview
  12. Some of my thoughts after working 6 years as 'Labview Developer' Popular languages like python or c# gained so much momentum, entry level is much easier than few years ago, it will get closer to LV entry level LV did not change much over last 6 years, things that I remember were maps, sets, vims and independent runtime engine paid and closed source kills any chances of becoming more popular, in my opinion it is ok to pay but for addons like ML or DSP, if i recall at some point excel addon required payment decline in job offers in LV, I ve seen more and more python/.n
  13. Hello, Cross post from NI forums. I have more than 200VIs having the same problem. I have tried to replace by scripting or quick drop but no success. Delete and require is hard to do from scripting top maintain connection pane and others form what i ve seen so far. Have You ever seen this error? I do not recall doing some extraordinary class manipulations when this error happened Class.zip
  14. Problems I have with event structure is that it exposes back userevent. Nothing stops user from self generating events or closing this reference.
  15. @Neil Pate Did You move completely from Atlassian products? Did You find better alternatives for Jira or Confluence?
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