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How can I fix my volume communication with a syringe pump using LabView?

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Attached to this discussion is my script. So lately, I've been working on connecting 2 dual channel chemyx fusion 4000x syringe pumps. I managed to control them each channel independently using my script. Each channel works perfectly, the only issue I'm having is that every time I put the volume input in my script it would not change in the pump, but my rate would. for example, if I put in my software vol= 500ul @3.5ul/min, in the pump would only change the rate. besides that, in pump one channel 1 works perfectly but channel 2 of pump one is the one having the problem stated. in pump 2 channel 2 is the one who has the problem stated before too.

To communicate with the Chemyx Fusion 4000x dual channel syringe pumps, I am using one USB A to B cable per pump. I had to rename the cables to COM2 and COM12 in order for the program to read them. I validated the cables using NI Max.

All of the commands work perfectly fine, except for volume communication. Both channels work perfectly fine for each pump when I set the volume using the syringe pump's display. However, when I try to set the volume using my program, only one channel works. This is the same issue for both pumps.

I can run both pumps at the same time using different USB A to B cables and connecting them to different ports on my computer. I also had to change the baud rate to 115200 to get the system to work.

I have tried going into the internal panel and changing the volume setting from single pump to channel 1 or channel 2, but it still does the same thing.

If I turn off the pumps and turn them back on, they will both work perfectly fine, as well as the channels and the volume. However, after 3-4 minutes, the volume setting will only work in one of the channels for each pump. I also wanted to add that I just realized that when I apply the volume in my script, the syringe pump will detect it and show it on the syringe pump screen, but only if one of the other channels is off/not running at the same time. If both channels are running, the volume won't work on either channel.

I am attaching the manual for the syringe pump to this forum.

Any ideas on what might be causing this issue?


check this code.vi fusion-series-4000-6000-manual.pdf

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