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Upgraded OpenG File Library Broke Project \ Dependencies

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I upgraded OpenG File, Error and Array Libraries to the latest version using VIPM and my project didn't automatically link as suggested

"Important: Callers of this package will relink automatically to the new Library (openg_file.lvlib) that contains this package. However, if you subsequently downgrade this package to version 5.x or older, your callers will need to be manually relinked to the older version (without the Library namespace)."

The problem is the toolkit is used in so many places it may take days to relink by hand, as well as other VIPM libraries that reference the library.

I am using LV2022Q3 64bit 

Tried clearing cache and on my dev laptop but same result, I cant remember what version I had before upgrade so I will try that first just to get it working again.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance!



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