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Sr. Engineer - Automation & Integration - LabVIEW (onsite Irvine CA USA)


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Looking for a senior LabVIEW/TestStand software engineer to join the team working on test systems for module and space vehicle test:

  • Sr. Engineer - Automation & Integration - LabVIEW
    • Design, build, and maintain efficient, reusable, and reliable frameworks and test scripts
    • Automate test cases and integrate them into the software deployment pipeline
    • Improve test coverage by identifying untested code areas and developing appropriate unit and system tests to cover them
    • Perform individual and group code reviews to ensure the quality and functionality of automated tests
    • Analyze and enhance performance testing strategies for complex systems
    • Provide guidance and mentorship to junior engineers and team members
    • Collaborate with manufacturing and quality assurance teams to identify opportunities for automation and process improvements
    • Work with hardware engineers and software developers to define system requirements and ensure seamless integration of automated solutions
    • Create software verification matrices to show system test requirements coverage
    • Conduct feasibility studies and provide recommendations on the implementation of automation technologies to support high-volume production
    • ...and more!

It's a fun team with some very talented developers across all of the EGSE we use in production - lots of interchangeable hardware platforms/test racks, HALs, integrating code from other languages (python is an advantage), OIs, databases, ERP control, environmental chamber automation for long tests...

We're expanding our production lines, so there's the opportunity to make a real difference in how we scale.  Come join us!


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