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installer question, does an installer include all ni drivers or only the drivers for the instruments used

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My question is that if I build an application and an installer does the installer  include all the Daq drivers?

I am building several applications for the  the Lab I work in and would like to have one generic installer and then have the users just download run the executable. Any time we install anything our IT dept has to get involved . 

Thank you

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You can build an installer after you create your executable build spec. In that you can specify additional installers for drivers and such. I would recommend setting up a quick fresh VM in virtualbox or something to test with. Once you get all the drivers packaged up so that from a fresh VM your application runs via the installer then you can take it around your other computers and deal with IT just once. So often it's hard to catch every single driver or the machine you are checking it on already has some installed and you don't discover you missed one until you go to a brand new machine.

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