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Trying to convert String to Byte Array... harder then I expected


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I'm trying to take the following string and convert it into a byte array.

"01 01 13 FF 14"

But what happends is that each char gets converted into an element in the array, including spaces :

[0][1][ ][0][1][ ][1][3][ ][F][F][ ][1][4]

Where I really wanted :


Is there a way to do this that I have not found ? I tried lots of different search/replace/index stuff but can't seem to get it right,

Very new to LabView btw,


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to convert a long space delimeted string:

use spreadsheet string to array, format string = %02X (hexadecimal),

wire a space to delimiter and a 1D I32-array [i32] to array type.

To view your data as hex, just select Radix visible on the [i32] and choose hex

good luck


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