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Number to String

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Hi All!

I have number that I want to convert to a string. The number can be anything between 0 and 9999.

I what the string to always have 4 characters.

For example the number 34 should be 0034 after conversion, 560 should be 0560, 6734 should be 6734.

I know I can use sting functions to seen how many characters there are and then add zeros in front, but my guess is there is a simpler way to do this.

Any ideas?

Best regards, Kalle

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Use the "Format into String" primative (it's under the "string" sub-palette of the functions palette), and set your "format string" to %04d - the % is the format sepcifier, the 04 means use a minimum field width of 4 characters, and the d tells the function to format is as an integer.

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