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  1. Apply at: http://corporate.ford.com/ShowJob/Id/1269646/LabVIEW-programmer-analyst/ Job DescriptionPosition Overview:We are looking for an entry level LabVIEW Programmer Analyst to be part of our Powertrain Fuel Systems Test Site Management team. In this role, you will be responsible for development, maintenance and support of LabVIEW programs utilized for real time testing at the Powertrain Fuel Systems Lab. You will collaborate with Product Development Test Engineers to ensure ongoing quality and sustainability. Additionally, you will develop and support test programs that run the t
  2. I can't explain the behavior you're seeing, but I do as shown below. This was the only option before 'Start Asynchronous Call' existed. The Ctrl Val.Set is obviously an example and you should modify it for your needs
  3. http://zone.ni.com/r...a_net_assembly/ Calling the .NET Interop Assembly from Another Program After you build a .NET interop assembly, you can call the assembly from other programs that support .NET. However, ensure that the computer on which the other program runs meets the following requirements and recommendations: The LabVIEW Run-Time Engine must be installed on any computer on which users run the .NET interop assembly. You can distribute the LabVIEW Run-Time Engine with the .NET interop assembly. (Windows) You also can include the LabVIEW Run-Time Engine in an installer. National Inst
  4. Hi All, On a system we're working on, we are allowing the operator to enter a python script. The script is executed with LabPython, which seems to work well. We implemented the script editing with ScintillaNET (http://scintillanet.codeplex.com/) We also implemented pre-execution script checking (I don’t know the right term for this) with pylint (http://pypi.python.org/pypi/pylint) Attached is an example of our implementation. I’m posting this in case anyone might find it useful. A couple of items that could be improved 1) This implementation used system exec to run pylint, could pyl
  5. Have you seen this? My linkhttp://lavag.org/topic/7033-browse-for-folder/page__gopid__66623&
  6. Repost BrowseforFolder (NET)(LV80).vi
  7. What if you try formating the numbers on the Y-Axis numbers to Floating Point and uncheck the 'Hide trailing zeros' option?
  8. QUOTE (crossrulz @ Apr 13 2009, 08:47 AM) Could you not build DLLs from the VIs and call those DLLs from TestStand?
  9. You could try opening a strictly typed reference (not sure if this is the right terminology) to the VI and checking the error:
  10. QUOTE (Cat @ Mar 20 2009, 10:06 AM) Yes QUOTE (Cat @ Mar 20 2009, 10:06 AM) After I've closed the front panel and exited the dynamic vi, I expect the vi to still be in memory because it's sitting in Big Top. I *don't* expect it to still be running, tho. Maybe I should be using "abort", but that seemed like overkill. Just because you close the panel of a VI doesn't mean it stops running (as you are seeing).
  11. The rule is that a VI will be unloaded from memory when its front panel is not visible and no references to it are open. When you run your code WITHOUT the Big Top open and the VI that opened the dynamic VI closes its reference, there is no longer any references to the dynamic VI, so LabVIEW unloads the VI from memery (essentially aborting it) When you run your code WITH Big Top open and the VI that opened the dynamic VI closes its reference, there is still a reference to the dynamic VI on Big Top's block diagram, therefore the dynamic VI continues executing. What I usually do, is launch
  12. So I got interested in this and put something together. Be warned, its quick and dirty, and my first use of XControls...
  13. I don't have any code, but if you look at Signal Express there is an example of something you could accomplish with LabVIEW code. Looks like its made up of two graphs. The bottom is the full data set, and the top shows the highlighted portion from the lower graph. Good luck
  14. QUOTE (MikaelH @ Feb 4 2009, 04:13 PM) I haven't found a way to switch to the paint or dropper tool when using auto tool selection. Has anyone?
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