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LV 8.0.1 freezes during start-up when clipboard contains some MBytes

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I noticed that LV 8.0.1 (on Windows XP Home edition) freezes during startup when the clipboard contains some Mbytes of data.

Here's what I did:

- Open a text file (2.7 MByte ASCII data) with notepad

- select all text

- press Ctrl-C

- start Labview

result: LV hangs (showing the 'Finishing Initialization' message on the splash screen, lower right corner)


shutdown LV

remove data from clipboard

start LV

Is this behavior also seen by others?

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This is apparently caused by LV implementing its own clipboard (you can see it in the hierarchy window if you copied some VIs into it). This would mean that LV has to keep its clipboard synchronized with the windows one and apparently it has a problem doing that. It seems LV R&D are aware of this.

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