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VISA-related problem

Val Brown

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I have a large legacy-code based LV Project (now in v8) and I'm having some problems after building an EXE. The problem manifests on older systems (eg P IV 2.4 GHz, 1 MB RAM and slow FSB) when attempting to access the serial port. With the migration to LV8 I had to finally let go of the legacy serial i/o functions. I had successfully maintained them during the migration to v7.11 but v8 simply will NOT support them. So I had to migrate to VISA as well -- not a trivial task given the overall project. In any event VISA 3.6 works well on many systems but on older systems I am consistently generating a -1073807343 error when trying to configure the serial port. I KNOW that the port assignment is correct because, when I revert to my legacy software, the exact same settings are used and the device connected to the assigned port is seen with no errors. So the migration from LVRTE 7.1 to LVRTE 8 coupled with the introductin of VISA is creating the problem. Any ideas would be welcome.

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Actually I don't know about that as these are deployed systems -- ie out "in the field" with customers. I have no direct access to them, although I can do Remote Desktop to control their system. I wonder if it's possible to use MAX in that way or to do a remote install so that it does run on the deployed systems.

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