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Exactly, this is my experience as well :) But then you start to become more and more irritating when it each dataset takes 20 minutes instead of 5 :beer:

I've discovered these forums only recently and I'm still going through all these informations, so the technical discussions will have to wait a little, until I understand all of this. But I wanted to agree with you : it took me weeks to realize that the really simple statistics I was performing on "live" data were *really* slowing down the experiment. One day I decided to evaluate nb of points * number of acquisitions / sampling frequency. It was around 1 minute while I was looking at the graphs building for more than 20 minutes or more. All of this was possible only by the huge buffering, of course.

Of course, I was refreshing many graphs thousand times, of course my algorythms were ugly. I've done my homework, went back to the wiring board, wrote a few maths lines and all is much better.

Untill now, I was still lacking an "inline" tool though, untill now...

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